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In today’s society, as individual social and economic circumstances change (i.e. marriages, divorces, births, residential relocation, work related travel commitments. etc..), individuals must prepare for the future. The offices of DiTomasso & DiTomasso regularly meet with individuals for the preparation and execution of Last Wills and Testaments, in their disposition of personal and / or real property, religious requests and their periodic updating thereafter. Our attorneys are happy to work with individuals and their respective financial advisors and or accountants to satisfy the needs of our clients.

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What do I do now?
The loss of a family member, relative or friend is obviously a traumatic experience and surviving family members often discover that they have many tasks to perform to put the decedent’s affairs in order.

In approaching this subject, we would like to offer you some information on how to deal with the decedent’s property, both real and or personal, financial and tax obligations, and other commitments of the decedent.

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